• We have to change how we do things- not just what we do- to build meaningful regenerative innovation, together.

  • Wondering if your people have what is needed to co-create a more meaningful future?

    Innovative spaces look and feel like this both in-person and online

  • Using "cutting edge" tools is one small piece of the puzzle.

    For results, we must build renewed relationships and practice the mindsets for navigating unknown paths and embracing emergence. That takes trust, trust takes what we wrote in the sentence before!


    Practice creativity.


    Invite conflict.


    Hold multiple truths.


    Share honestly.


    Seriously listen.


    Radical responsibility.

  • How Do Clients Experience Working Alongside us?

    "The DSIL Team dove into a challenging assignment with calmness and strongly supported our complex international leadership team during the start of a transition period. The facilitators adeptly balanced autonomy in learning the context and checking in with excellent questions- which helped us build trust between one another. During the retreat, they were able to not only open space for difficult culture discussions, they also made things very practical by adding resource independent tools that were necessary to implement in their day-to-day context and change the way we do things. We would love to work with DSIL again, and highly recommend them for projects or teams that need to re-set and be re-designed."

    -Sidney Brown, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • See what's happening now at DSIL. All signs point to a global re-design.

    Are you in?

  • We build long-term relationships with organizations.

    Change takes time, but smaller projects are a good starting point and below are some ways to get to know how DSIL embodies what we teach and learn more about you too!

  • Ashlee McCormick, The Tindall Foundation

    "Hands down you’ve been the best inclusive  design and zoom facilitator I’ve seen since Covid’s started."

  • What We Do.

    All of our work starts with building humans and selves, with systems change in sight.

    Innovation + EQ Capability Building

    With a focus on emotional intelligence, we work with organizations ready to change the game on leadership and spend the time to do it well. It also saves you money in the long term! Our experiential training is all about hands-on learning that ensures leaders or teams have the practice necessary to use the mindsets, processes, and skills to innovate as often as needed. Customized training paths use the real challenges present in the workplace today. From design thinking to dozens of other innovation processes and facilitation methods that use tools like Liberating Structures © we will find 1 or more innovation process that will drive the vision of the unique company at hand. Bonus! Our facilitators are also coaches so each learner can see where they are getting stuck and why. At the end of the day, you will build your internal capacity for innovation and change and have some fun with us too. We've been told we have a good sense of humor!

    Building Robust Culture Change

    How might we create cultures that are so resilient they maintain themselves in both virtual and physical spaces? The transition to remote work is a big piece of the puzzle and our powerful opportunity to reshape teams and up-skill. The DSIL team trains people to make the most of virtual C’s: communication, collaboration, and connection. This isn’t off the shelf online training that will take you away from critical tasks. We will meet you in the virtual conferences, classrooms, and everyday meetings to integrate our tested methods and tools into the things you need to get done today. It is time to increase engagement for whoever is on the other side of the screen or in-person and catalyze a new way of gathering, working, and being. The DSIL SHIFT model was built to guide sustainable cultural change For organizations ready to consciously transform the way humans work together,

    Human and Equity-Centered Design for Regenerative Change.

    Whether there is a need for groundbreaking or incremental innovation, the DSIL lead designers are equally versed facilitators. We work alongside teams so that capability is built along the way to creating meaningful innovations. Kill two birds.....and next round you won't need another innovation consultant. From 5 days, 6 months, or six-year projects -all lead us to the goals that will strengthen teams long-term with exciting short term results too. Watch the power of uncovering powerful insights that lead to more resilient solutions, money saved, and less time wasted.

    "Emergent Strategy" for Systems Change.


    Innovation is more than ideas or post-it notes. Ideas must turn into tested solutions and even tested solutions must thoughtfully embed into the current system they plan to operate in- as easily as possible. Our team develops systems thinking strategy to ensure we keep in mind the realities of the current system, culture, collaborators, and resources that are available in companies and communities. Let's not waste more time creating hollow innovation just for the fun of it. Instead, let's create things that encourage systems to change in positive ways. That means finding ways to include the whole system, build relationships and collect data along the way.

  • Why Build Our Human Capability?

    The world will continue to evolve, connect, and merge together with technology and borders. The ability in people to navigate these changing conditions is what separates organizations who live, from those who will die.

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    Talks from the greats


    Organizations are often run according to "the super chicken model," where the value is placed on star employees who outperform others. And yet, this isn't what drives the most high-achieving teams. Business leader Margaret Heffernan observes that it is social cohesion. It's a radical rethink of what drives us to do our best work, and what it means to be a leader. Because as Heffernan points out: "Companies don't have ideas. Only people do."

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    Planning ruins everything when we don't listen.

    This book invites you into the new way.

    The concept behind "emergent strategy" relies on the truth that everyone in the room has something to contribute to informing what' next and can see different vantage points that create something robust rather then what is built in traditional strategy. Traditional and outdated strategy ultimately creates "false' and then failed plans. EM can be described as a pattern of actions that develops and emerges with an organization over time -as it evolves. This strategy emerges over time as intentions collide with and accommodate a changing reality."

    Is the strategy that actually happens.

    It responds to events as they arise,

    often involves strategic and tactical changes, and is not restricted by formal planning tools and methods

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    For book lovers diving in!


    Nike achieved remarkable success with its Nike+ co-creation initiative, which enables a com­munity of over a million runners to interact with one another and the company. Co-creation involves redefining the way organizations engage individuals—customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and other stake­holders—bringing them into the process of value creation and engaging them in enriched experi­ences, ​​This book is a deep dive of research on this stuff works so well!


    Are you ready join the world's most relevant and loved Regenerative Leadership Immersive?