• Collaboration is hard. Really hard.

    By using co-creation, we guide you to unlock the resources you already have to build innovation. You'll be able to solve challenges quicker, inspire your team to engage more in their work, and enhance your own and other's ability to thrive.

  • Innovation Project Feature

    "Diversity was key to its Success"

    Rethinking Sexuality Education

    DSIL and UNICEF wanted to better understand how sexuality education is working in Thailand, by evaluating the Thai youth's understanding of what they have learned. We were sure if we gave them an opportunity to be listened to while learning about the process of innovation, they would then channel their experiences into actionable steps and design new solutions. They did that and more by engaging more communities, adults, and organizations than ever before!

  • We guide diverse people into new frontiers.

    Who should you invite in?

    Customized Design Thinking Workshops & Innovation Training

    for organizations looking to learn and practice the skills needed to innovate. We use your real challenges as the learning lab.

    Action-Research Using Human Centred Design & Design Thinking

    for organizations wanting to understand challenges from different lenses and create new solutions together with those they research

    Executive Coaching

    for individuals and organizations who are ready to build EQ and resiliency while improving their skills of innovation. 

    Strategic Design

    for organizations ready to redefine problems, identify opportunities for action, and help deliver more complete and resilient solution keep in mind your current system, conditions, and resources.

    Action Facilitation


    Make the conferences, retreats, and meeting you run more interesting, interactive and collaborative with our senior facilitators who are seriously playful.

  • It's time to upskill leaders in bold ways.

    Get equipped with effective tools and processes necessary to ignite honest conversations

    and tackle complex puzzles. Turn skills, to habits, and habits to mindsets that can show you

    the power of one person in transforming organizations.

    Executive Education Course

    Innovation Leadership

    Build your skills fast in this accredited Executive level course by practicing the latest methods for innovation using real-time challenges as the learning lab. A globally diverse cohort will push you even further to expand your perspectives. When you leave you will feel confident to lead diverse groups through processes of co-creation and know more about yourself and EQ.


    An open-source curriculum built by progressive educators to push our boundaries of learning

    You'll find a variety of engaging ways to learn and hands-on challenges to spark thinking & practice skills. The curriculum was designed to be agile and expand your perspective while learning with others.

    Virtual Classrooms

    Globally accessible interactive learning

    A series of live, interactive, 1hr online sessions with thought leaders, practitioners and innovative problem solvers from every hemisphere. Explore critical issues, case-studies and emerging learnings that highlight the DSIL curriculum.

  • We work with the bold in public, private, and non-profit sectors.

  • Let's have a virtual coffee on us!

    A 15-minute call goes a long way. Grab a coffee, we will buy.

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