The DSIL Open Curriculum

    "We believe in making learning accessible to every person and company across the globe. We hope to bring buzzwords down to earth where we can practice what they mean for each context and culture."

    - Katy Grennier

  • Open source learning. Accessible for all.

    The DSIL Curriculum is another way DSIL works to support the world. It was built by progressive educators of the DSIL Course and pulls its inspiration from there.


    In the open-source curriculum, you'll find a variety of engaging ways to learn: videos from the DSIL Virtual Classroom, articles that spark thinking, and hands-on challenges to practice skills and tools, all support your learning. The curriculum was designed to be agile and expand perspectives so you can better shape your own while listening to what others have to say.


    This is a free resource. We invite you to share widely!

  • DSIL Open Curriculum Modules

    The DSIL Curriculum pulls from hundreds of minds! We have modules in Cultures of Co-Creation, Conscious Leadership, Entrepreneurial Mindsets, Innovation & Design Thinking! Download the modules below and look out for more as we update our learning modules regularly.

  • Download the

    Full Curriculum Here.

  • Download the Conscious

    Leadership module here.

  • Download the Design Thinking

    Module Here.

  • Download the

    Entrepreneur Mindset Here.

  • Download the Cultures of

    Co-Creation module here.

  • Download the Social Innovation

    module here.

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