• The DSIL Course

    Learn to lead innovation in a VUCA world and build your emotional intelligence.

  • The DSIL Course

    Globally Certified Executive Education


    The highly acclaimed DSIL Course invites 15 experienced leaders from around the world to dive into the future of leading. The course designs dynamic environments where you'll practice mastering the vital mindsets crucial to solving the complex challenges that we find ourselves tackling every day. Build depth of understanding in cutting edge innovation processes and learn to attune them to your context, while increasing your emotional intelligence (EQ).


    The purposeful diversity of your cohort will S T R E T C H your perspectives from which you see the world and yourself. Leave with learning that will guide you for years to come, and lay a path of actionable steps you can train others on as soon as you get home.


    Focus on one globally recognized certification track that will support

    the future leadership path you are building:


    Innovation Leadership Certification

    Human-Centered Design Certification

    Advanced Emergent Facilitation Certification

  • Joher Khan- Senior Strategist

    SY Partners, New York City

    "I already had a strong background in corporate design and innovation when I joined the DSIL Course, but it is not only a high-value innovation training - it is something much more. The Course was a life-changing challenge that broadened my perspectives on self and systems and provided lifelong relationships with peers."

  • What You'll Learn

    You will also un-learn many things along the way!

    1. How to embody mindsets that build adaptability in a world that will not stop changing.
    2. Train the trainers on the next evolution of the design thinking process, skills + tools to fit your context.
    3. How to facilitate co-creation with a diverse team using 33+ practical Liberating Structures. 
    4. How to re-ignite your ability to inspire others through storytelling.
    5. How to embrace complexity and conflict.
    6. How to increase your emotional intelligence (which is 3x more hireable than any hard skill) leading you to better understand who you are.

  • Unique Course Design

    We create dynamic environments for rich, manageable, and relevant learning.


    We begin with an 8-day intensive immersion in South East Asia which keeps leaders and their busy schedules in mind without taking unrealistic short-cuts on learning. The immersion creates the time to deconstruct the learning, start to practice, make mistakes and self-correct. Learning is highly customized when coupled with direct support from Berkeley Accredited Coaches who will challenge, support and amplify your edges before and during the course.


    Beyond the immersion, you can join 90% of our leaders who choose the Full Executive Course that will ensure you integrate learnings into your life. Through a series of short DSIL Virtual Classrooms, follow-up coaching, and 4 DSIL Challenges you will continue to practice in your context and connect with your cohort for support.

  • DSIL Quick Videos

    Scroll and take a peek at the course and the impact it has in these short videos. From them, we hope you get a feel for the dynamic learning environment the course creates and the tone of the people who commit to this learning dive.

    The #dsilstory series will tell you how the course created impact for 3 specific alumni.

    Sawako, Japan + USA

    Sawako came to learn about creating innovative solutions using co-creation. She learned how to integrate this into her own classrooms and how to change the lecturing style itself with tools she learned about facilitation.

    Mansi, India

    An Intrapreneur and problem solver already in the field of innovation, Mansi came to focus her learning on building her self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and connection to her authentic self.

    Chris, Austria

    As an Entrepreneur and Creative working at

    NYU, Chris came to DSIL to learn about the practice of Human-Centred Design in the real world.

  • 2020 DSIL Dates + Costs

    Leaders are busy, so we have designed a course offering that allows choice in designing a sequence that will work for you.


    Full Executive Course (Immersion + Virtual): August 1st-Dec.15th, 2020

    Immersion Only: September 11-19th, 2020

    Virtual Classrooms Only: August 1st-Dec. 15th 2020

    After you finish the DSIL Course, your academic certification will help you move in new directions whether up the career ladder or into new careers. You can also do 2 more classes and get a full diploma from one of the most unique universities in the world.


    Find out more about the Centre for Executive Education at UPEACE here!

  • Download the DSIL Course Guide

    This will tell you everything you need to know about the DSIL Course including course design, key dates, costs, inclusions, funding opportunities and more.

  • We develop leaders holistically by teaching a horizontal breadth of innovation tools and skills, and a vertical depth of innovation leadership models and emotional intelligence-EQ.


    Innovation Processes + Tools

    You'll learn a horizontal breadth of skills through a well-defined, robust, collaborative problem-solving process with tools embedded within each phase that drive organizations to innovation. Welcome to the versatile world of Human-Centered Design! HCD can be used to create break-through or incremental innovations in every sector for products or internal changes needed within organizations. It can also be used to help your teams better understand challenges without bias and give guiding mindsets to get practicing the hard work of collaboration. DSIL Global is leading in work that embodies new evolutions of HCD and you will engage in those discussions too!

    One of our favorite tools in innovation you will learn?


    Liberating Structures are 33 + practical innovation techniques for leaders who guide teams that quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. LS can be used in many ways and were created to guide more meaningful conversations and strategy where we work. Our team uses it in all of our human-centered design projects too! They are LIBERATING because they replace controlling or constraining approaches to the way we meet, plan and work. The Global Gathering in LS just sold out in Seattle and DSIL is designing it with others. Join the LS Revolution!!


    86% of Alumni say that LS was their favorite tool to take home and master.

  • Innovation Leadership + EQ

    During the DSIL Course Immersion, you will gain a vertical depth of understanding about what level of leadership you are operating at right now and how you impact others around you. The future will continue to become amidst hyper-diversity and adversity so it's time to get practicing new ways of thinking where new ways of leading will emerge. There is no book for this stuff, only relentless practice- our coaches will be with you along the way. Want to learn a bit more about the original Vertical Development framework from which our work was inspired? Click here!


    Only 15% of the world put in the work to reach the highest level of vertical development....


    Are YOU one of them?

  • DSIL Course Alumni

    Over 220 + leaders from 70 countries


    Our 220 alumni from 70+ countries include CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, organizational leads, shakers, and makers from all sectors. Companies they hail from include Salesforce, United Nations, IBM, Deloitte, PwC, and the Asian Development Bank, to name a few. People come who work in governments and join powerful activists dedicated locally. They are not afraid to unlearn what they have been taught and honor learning as a life-long practice for all ages.


    Our alumni stay powerfully connected after the course. Some start companies. All of us show up for beers and coffee dates to offer support for years to come.

  • "When I invested in myself and stepped away to do the course, I learned much more than innovation processes. I learned how to become a more resilient leader and to re-connect with my personal goals for this crazy and beautiful planet. "


    Hanna Ruddies

    Global Growth and Acceleration Lead, Impact Hub

  • The Experience of the DSIL Team

    Great educators do the work to know and understand the individuals as much as the content.

    You'll be led by a team of diverse thought leaders with expertise in facilitation, progressive education, human-centered design, code-switching skills (holding space for shifting and emerging cultures), business design, leadership, organizational culture, executive coaching and systems strategy.


    "The DSIL lead team is what separates this course from all others, the stories and well of knowledge they pour in makes me feel like I advanced my career 10 years in 8 days."

    - 2016 Alumni

  • Get a taste of HOW we teach!

    We spend 100's of hours designing free, open-sourced resources, available to everyone inspired by the course design. We all learn in different ways, and we wanted a toolkit that allowed for it all.


    Learn more about design thinking, human-centred design, building cultures of co-creation, conscious leadership, business innovation and more through our selected DSIL Virtual Classrooms and DSIL Open-Source Curriculum. Get the learning party started!

    DSIL Open Virtual Classrooms since 2014!

    A series of live, interactive, 60 minute online sessions

    Hosted by thought leaders, practitioners and innovative problem solvers from every hemisphere, speakers have been carefully selected to expedite high-level understanding by exploring critical issues, recent experiences in the field and emerging learnings. Past speakers include disrupters from around the world including leaders from the Stanford d.school, MIT D-Lab, IDEO, IBM and THNK School of Creative Leadership. DSIL releases classrooms to the public each year after the course closes to encourage the world to learn!

    DSIL Open Source Curriculum

    An open-source curriculum by progressive educators

    Pushing the boundaries of how we learn and bring in different opinions on topics, you'll find a variety of engaging ways to learn and hands-on challenges to spark thinking and practice skills in the DSIL Curriculum. The curriculum was designed to let you start learning where and how you want. It pulls in hundreds of voices so you can expand your perspective while learning to listen to other views.


    This is a free resource and we invite you to share it with everyone!

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