• We are DSIL

    "We will move together, or not at all" - Katy, CEO

  • Our strongest asset is our people. Hands down.

    We are diverse on purpose. Across many locations, schools of thought, learning styles and beliefs, we ensure we have one thing in common - all of us are radically responsible for our part in the next evolution of the world. Our collective model includes 20+ experienced and thoughtful professionals and our DSIL project teams are attuned to the needs of the clients we work with.

  • Our Leadership + Core Team

    Our leadership is dedicated to building this company on wisdom and high-quality work that moves transformation. As a social enterprise, we have always been committed to making decisions that keep the planet, people and profit at the forefront.

    Katy Grennier


    Katy is a seasoned practitioner of human-centered design with 12 years leading co-creation in the field with dozens of cross-cultural teams. She has gained a reputation for being an expert facilitator in helping groups build emergent and relevant strategy. Her techniques give agency and voice to everyone in the room and creating safe spaces where honesty is at the center of whatever comes next. Katy is a playfully provocative educator and lives what she teaches by co-designing the most dynamic learning environments around the world for students of all ages. When you are with her, you'll experience theory, practice it on the ground and decide for yourself what it means for your work and the world.

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    Courtney Savie Lawrence


    Courtney is a catalyst. As an expert in the field of design and innovation, her focus is in leveraging business innovation and virtual technology is driven by questions like "How might we co-create more resilient and sophisticated impact systems to tackle critical problems? Courtney is the original co-founder of DSIL Global and remains as an advisor and thought-leader in the company. Her work with the Circular Design Lab as the head of Exploration at United Nations continues to deepen her practice of bringing systems thinking for scalable change into the world of local design.

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    Joi M Sears

    Joi is a creative strategist, college professor and social entrepreneur. She teaches Creativity, Innovation and Design Thinking at Miami University in Oxford, OH. She is also the founder and creative director of Free People International, a social enterprise which specializes in designing sustainable products, creative platforms and innovative experiences for the greater social good. Her professional experience spans five continents and a variety of fields. Her work with social enterprises, NGO’s and corporations combine her unique skill set as well as her passion for sustainability, the arts, and social innovation.

    She is also the recent recipient of the People’s Liberty Globe Grant which she used to launch "The Green Store" a sustainable pop-up shop.

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    Gareth Durant

    Gareth is not afraid of conflict and diversity and so has become an expert in ensuring successful projects that merge private sector innovation and development while using Human-centered design tools matched with bold facilitation. His focus began leveraging public health strengths for evolving challenges in the social impact work. In strategy, his critical eye gives him the unique ability to name things he sees. However, he guides change with a tone of humor that makes things a bit easier for the tough times change can bring!

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    Kelsey Lotus Wong

    Kelsey Lotus Wong lives with a passionate curiosity for how transformation is created. Lotus is committed to co-creating the conditions for people to come into wholeness, expand their capacities, and bring their wildest visions to life. Lotus started this journey working and evolving Delivering Happiness as a culture coach. She applies the science of happiness and positive psychology to workplaces worldwide with them and in all of her work at DSIL.

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    Ben Preston

    Ben believes in the power of regenerative, holistic innovation as we develop communities, organisations and the built environment. Combining facilitation, personal development practices and the science of regenerative living systems with his technical background leading the sustainable design and engineering for a wide-range of project types, Ben’s approach is playful, open, sincere and rigorous. He combines the best of his experience in technical design, engineering and project management with personal and collective regenerative practices and participatory processes to support evolution in human communities and whole living environments. Working with him you’ll experience practices that lead to personal and collective growth for the benefit of your project or organisation. Discover more here.

    Kyla Shawyer

    Kyla has been leading transformational change in the global nonprofit sector for the past 14 years, most recently as CEO of the Resource Alliance- a vibrant community of changemakers shaking up the social good ecosystem. By inspiring new ways of sharing, tangible collaboration and noticing the collective power between us- her track record shows just how to break down silos, connect with core values and unlock the potential in every single person to contribute in a meaningful way. Kyla brings people together to not just connect, but also to learn from each other, From here they can innovate and unleash ideas in a unified effort to make the world a more equitable place. Her extensive knowledge and work with both INGOs and NGOs now bring her to projects across sectors for organizational and culture change projects.

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    Sem Carree

    Sem is an energetic, opportunity-seeking, solution-minded and enterprising lunatic! He is the co-founder of the Kleinhandel- a successful co-working space for creatives that are bright and entrepreneurial. He was in charge of everything from ground-up
    from investment, concept, design, branding, acquisition, community activation & partnerships. He teaches and designs courses for design and innovation at Delft University has some impressive projects with Blitz kickers- another company of his. As you can tell- he is doer and a knowledgeable facilitator that pushes people to take the risks and see the big results that come experimenting well!

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    Dana Shashaa

    Dana graduated with honors from ESADE and is a business innovator with design thinking mindsets embedded in all of her work. She has experience in corporate project management, team relationship building, and using a series of innovative methodologies to solve business problems with diverse teams, She is excited about the intersections of technology and change! Having grown up in the Middle East and speaking Arabic, she is passionate about building the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region and open to all possibilities to do so.

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    Thabiso Blak Mashaba

    Thabiso is a strategist, cultural economist, policy maker, development practitioner, and social entrepreneur. His dedication to social inclusion and creative industries make him a season champion who uses the co-creative design processes to bridge the perfect information gap that exists between policymakers and those at the bottom of the pyramid. He has designed and facilitated dozens of trainings across Botswana, Southern Africa, Africa, and South East Asia to unlock the brilliance in grassroots communities to co-create impressive solutions that dramatically improve livelihood challenges. "Blak" works closely with the creators of the MIT D-Lab and can be found in makers spaces anywhere he goes!

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    Moh Suthasiny

    Moh is our youngest and smartest! She works to challenge the status quo in Asia by inviting in all ages to take action on what they believe in and to think together! She has been using Design Thinking to create safe spaces for youth to cultivate creative confidence and unlock their full potential while working on tough issues they experience like sexual violence on campus and unemployment. Moh brings a huge amount of energy to DSIL and provides fresh perspectives by demanding a 100% inclusive approach to problem-solving. Her own company, 4ALL won the Hult prize this year and she is leading her team through its early start-up phases. Add more youth to your leadership team, you'll see more possibility.

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    Hima TK

    Hima is a business strategist who is enthusiastic about working on difficult problems and designing solutions that make an impact. She believes in the power of data and taking an analytical approach in developing business/go-to-market strategy, business models and tools to measure the impact. She has worked as a software engineer, technology consultant and management consultant across Asia, North America and Australia for social enterprises and for-profit clients alike. She also volunteered for Grow Movement, helping out SMEs in rural Africa to develop sustainable businesses. She studied global entrepreneurship at MIT, Boston and is now a mentor at MIT Launch Program. Hima is currently moving her start-up, InquiBox, to the next level. InquiBox Mission? To give the gift of future-ready education for every child and teach skills machines can’t replace. Discover more here

    Lili Camacho

    Liliana has dedicated her next 20 years to environmental transformation by blending borders between academia, business, civil society, and communities who experience the weight of climate change. As a sustainability practitioner and scholar, she connects humans to our complex environmental challenges by helping groups shift perspectives. Her work ethic and adventurous spirit lead teams to question the status quo, envision and design our way to a transformative future while identifying practical everyday pathways for progress.

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    Will Joseph

    Will is passionate about seeing individuals and communities flourish. Combining his skills in facilitation, human-centered design, community development, entrepreneurship, and pastoral care- Will loves to come alongside all types of individuals and organizations to facilitate their growth. He began his journey developing training and operational programs in the corporate world, stopped in Asia to support and connect hundreds of cause-driven startups, and cofounded many endeavors; most notably CO.STARTERS which helps vibrant communities around the world serve non-traditional starters. Based in Tennessee (USA), Will adores his wife and two boys. Together they enjoy travel, storytelling, community, discovering new things, and beauty in all its forms. Discover more here.

  • DSIL Course Executive Coaching Crew

    Our coaches guide you to stretch outside of your comfort zone. We challenge you and equally support you. May the student in you never die!

    Frieda Hoffman

    Frieda is a certified coach, consultant, and entrepreneur with a background in social work. Much of her coaching focuses on women – small-business owners, leaders, and artists – and supporting them is the thread that weaves her work and values together. Frieda helps people find clarity and fulfillment, while holding them accountable to their goals, no matter how big or small. Often, this means working with her coachees to develop business and personal goals, foster creativity in work and play, develop leadership skills and professional presence and achieve work-life balance. Frieda's coaching style is fluid, tough-loving, and rooted in deep listening and empathy.

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    Stephen Silveria

    Stephen is an experienced Program Manager, ICF-credentialed Coach, and Facilitator of change with the mission of enabling growth in leaders and organizations. Through his role at Facebook, he wages battle in the fight against bad actors and malicious advertising in a blazingly fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Through his love of coaching he works with a diverse range of individuals and organizations to push boundaries and create positive change in his communities.

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    Peggy Farmer

    Peggy is a certified coach, consultant, therapist, mediator, author and facilitator with a passion for wellness, and emotional intelligence. She has worked with individuals and organizations to co-create viable solutions to challenging situations by communicating compassionately, listening from the heart and accompanying people through their journey with LOVE. Love is a word that you will hear from Peggy often, and she wishes the world would use it more! Her varied background in psychology, holistic health, wellness, and global health fuel her dedication for the ‘planetary transformation’ she is dedicating her life to.

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    Casey Field

    Casey's coaching style is dynamic and client-centered. His superpower is the gift of insightful listening and the ability to hone in on key challenges to help build strategies for incredible outcomes. Casey is incredibly compassionate and holds his clients capable of showing up exactly how they want to show up in life, and at work. When working with Casey expect to be challenged on your assumptions, and held accountable for your dreams, goals, and desires. One client described him as being like Tony Robbins without the yelling, cursing, and techno music.

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