• We are DSIL.

    "Together or not at all"

    - Katy Grennier, CEO

  • Our People

    We're a diverse team of thinkers, designers and doers who thrive on tackling complex problems. We are radically open, always curious and bias towards action. We are intentional about practicing what we teach daily and focus on helping you build the mindsets and tools you need to do things better.

    Katy Grennier

    Founder & CEO

    Katy is an expert practitioner of design thinking with 12 years in the field leading dozens of cross-cultural teams. She has dedicated herself to cultivating wisdom by always saying yes to a myriad of learnings experiences and complex projects. At heart, Katy is a playfully serious educator and lives what she teaches.


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    Courtney Savie Lawrence

    Co-Founder & Advisor

    Courtney is a catalyst and the reason that things begin at all. As an expert in the field of design and innovation her focus is in leveraging business innovation and virtual technology driven by questions like "How might we co-create more resilient and sophisticated impact systems to tackle critical problems?"


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    Art Sherwood

    Creative Consultant

    Art imagines a world where everyone is empowered to make change happen through discovering, designing and doing. His most powerful place of flow is partnering as a facilitator, coach or advisor in facilitating and supporting emerging and existing change-makers, leaders, teams and organizations.


    Gareth Durant

    Creative Consultant

    Gareth is an expert at driving successful projects that merge private sector innovation, HCD and progressive facilitation. His focus is on leveraging public health strengths and presenting ideas that challenge internal organizational cultures with humor and authenticity to deliver consciousness raising, growth, and change.


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    Hima Tk

    Creative Consultant

    Hima is crazy about the power of data and taking an analytical approach in developing business/go-to market strategy, business models and tools to measure the impact. She studied global entrepreneurship at MIT and now mentors High School Students at MIT's Launch program and is passionate about education accessibility.


    Sarah Jane Atkinson

    Creative consultant

    Sarah is an innovation strategist with a background in Urbanism, Development and socio-spatial strategies for more equitable city-making. Multi-stakeholder collaboration and progressive learning practices underpin her 12 years of professional experience and research. She has led innovation processes with the UN, INGOs and networks around the world and gets excited about facilitating multi-disciplinary processes for changing the status quo.


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    Siobhan McCann

    Creative Consultant & Executive Coach

    Siobhán believes that one voice can change the world. She is a leadership development specialist, known as a provocateur and relentless truth seeker, who develops visionaries to embody their full potential and level up their leadership as agents of innovation. She is a UC Berkeley, CTI, and ICF certified Executive Coach, McKinsey alumnus, and co-founder of Midderigh Vox, providing advanced leadership development in authentic presence, communications, and expression through storytelling. Discover more here…

    Moh Suthasiny

    Creative Consultant

    Moh is rebellious. She works to challenge status quo in Asia and encourage other young people to take action on what they believe in. She has been using Design Thinking to create safe spaces for youth to cultivate creative confidence and unlock their full potential. Moh brings a huge amount of energy to DSIL and provides fresh perspectives and an innovative approach to social problems, especially those impacting youth. Moh is always hungry for new adventures where she can learn and grow.

    Kelsey Lotus Wong

    Creative Consultant

    Kelsey Lotus Wong is a creative visionary, and 'soulpreneur', passionately curious about transformation. Kelsey works with people and organizations as they undergo a journey of evolution and discovery, together unlocking their unique gifts, developing their voice and unleashing magnetic brand value. When Kelsey isn’t diving into meaningful work or building conscious companies and communities, she’s writing, creating, or floating in the sea.


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  • Our Global Community

    DSIL brings together curious and brave people from more than 60+ countries around the world. Our community is all about our people. We are diverse, radically open, always curious, show bias towards action and love solving complex puzzles.


    We are made up of a global network of creative consultants, DSIL Executive Education Course Alumni and all the amazing people & friends we have designed with during our projects.


    Learn more about how you can join the 2019 DSIL Executive Education Course Cohort here OR

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  • Want to join our team?

    We don't hire for specific roles - we're looking for humans who thrive in complexity, swim in ideas and can craft clarity at the end.


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