• We are DSIL

    "We will move together, or not at all" - Katy, CEO

  • Our Consultants

    Our strongest asset is our people. Hands down.

    We are diverse on purpose. Across multiple locations, thinking, learning styles, and beliefs, we ensure we have one thing in common: all of us are radically responsible for our part in the next evolution of the world.


    Our collective model includes more than 30+ experienced and thoughtful professionals who span the world and DSIL project teams are attuned to the needs of clients we work with.

  • DSIL Leadership Crew

    Our leadership is dedicated to building this company on wisdom and high-quality work that moves transformation. As a social enterprise, we have always been committed to making decisions that keep the planet, people and profit at the forefront.

    Katy Grennier

    C0-Founder & CEO

    Katy is a practitioner of human-centered design with 12 years in the field leading dozens of cross-cultural teams. She has dedicated herself to cultivating wisdom by always saying yes to projects that seem impossible and succeeds by inviting in everyone in practical ways at the right times. At heart, Katy is a playfully provocative educator and lives what she teaches.


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    Courtney Savie Lawrence

    Co-Founder & Advisor

    Courtney is a catalyst and the reason that things begin at all. As an expert in the field of design and innovation her focus is in leveraging business innovation and virtual technology driven by questions like "How might we co-create more resilient and sophisticated impact systems to tackle critical problems?"


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    Art Sherwood

    Creative Consultant + Coach

    Art imagines a world where everyone is empowered to make change happen through discovering, designing and doing. As a successful business owner, a director of the IDEA Institute, his most powerful place of flow is partnering as a facilitator or coach while supporting leaders, teams, and organizations getting serious about change.


    Gareth Durant

    Creative Consultant + Coach

    Gareth is an expert at driving successful projects that merge private sector innovation, HCD and progressive facilitation. His focus is on leveraging public health strengths and presenting ideas that challenge internal organizational cultures with humor and authenticity to deliver consciousness raising, growth, and change. His honesty and drive create a strong impact whatever the project.


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    Kelsey Lotus Wong

    Creative Consultant + Coach

    Kelsey Lotus Wong is a creative visionary who cares about well being and insatiably curious about how we transform. Kelsey works with people and organizations as they undergo a journey of evolution together unlocking their unique gifts, developing their voice and unleashing magnetic brand value. When Kelsey isn’t diving into meaningful work or building conscious companies and communities you will find her floating in the sea.


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    Moh Suthasiny

    Creative Consultant

    Moh is our youngest and most driven on the leadership team. She works to challenge the status quo in Asia and invites in all ages to take action on what they believe in. She has been using Design Thinking to create safe spaces for youth to cultivate creative confidence and unlock their full potential. Moh brings a huge amount of energy to DSIL and provides fresh perspectives and an innovative approach to social problems, especially those impacting youth. Add more youth to your leadership team, you'll see more possibility.

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