• People are at the heart of

    all innovation.

  • We practice what we teach.

    We co-create every project from the beginning. The more fully we can understand the context and people in it, the more adeptly we can respond to it as it evolves over time. Customization is the key, context is everything, and you know yours best.


    Building the Creative Capability of a Nation

    In a mad collaboration with IDEO and ATOLYE, DSIL is co-designing and leading the facilitation of a culturally attuned, multi-week, Innovation Leadership program that will put Human-centered design at the heart of the government in the UAE.

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  • We teach what we practice.

    Our teams have collaborated in 50+ projects of all sizes bringing US together like never before. As practitioners of innovation, we leverage our learning in the field to educate in relevant ways on our executive course and push always combine the intersections of theory and practice.

    A Global Summit for Local Solutions

    A 16-day summit showcasing the power radical collaboration

    DSIL designed, trained facilitator, and implemented the International Development Design Summit in 2017, the first-ever to be hosted in Asia. The summit brought over 25 participants and 50 team members together with the local community to focus on 6 challenges. The two-week event inspired a more inclusive & sustainable approach to development in Southeast Asia. New solutions to challenges in farming, fair trade products, and local health were identified and tested and an innovation lab lives on! Click here to see what we learned together with MIT D-Lab, Winrock, and Raitong Organics.

    Unlocking Strategy that Can Endure Adversity

    An annual retreat done differently

    Asia Catalyst fights for the right to health around the world. Board members, senior management and field staff came together to think about past successes and identify areas to pivot in the face of a changing political and financial climate. DSIL moved the group through days of co-creation, introducing new tools for reflection and innovation that leaders could take back to their teams. Always thinking on a systems level, DSIL ensured the new strategy had agility built-in. AC's Leaders also worked on their personal development through one-on-one coaching sessions with DSIL coaches and considered the mental wellness of the team as a key player in success.

    Infusing Design Thinking into

    Disaster Relief

    Injecting innovation at annual meet-ups

    International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Geneva wanted to inject some innovation into the way they disperse aid and market to donors. DSIL ran a design thinking training using real-time challenges identified prior to the session. Teams practiced how to spot new opportunities by truly listening to how beneficiaries experience the organization's work. The experiential workshop improved the organization’s creative capacity and produced new ideas to experiment safely with over the next year.

    Inclusive Program Design

    Evolving design thinking strategies and skills

    Open Society Foundation (OSF) invited DSIL to co-create a strategy meeting that focused on building the skills to ensure the voices of their grantees and communities of people who use drugs around the world are heard. Under the mantra “Nothing about us, without us!“ DSIL taught ways to allow marginalized populations into planning and program design from the beginning. We explored new opinions, talked about context variations and brought in systems thinking that may unlock services to also benefit other parts of communities.

  • "We tend to use the same tools whether they work or

    not because we think they are the only ones..."

    ...there are many more. We will teach you!

  • Innovation Project Feature

    Rethinking Sexuality Education


    This project was grounded in human-centered design mindsets and was also innovative in many other ways. From who was invited in on the core team, to the capability building design, to the ecosystem of players at the kick-off's meetings- this project feature showcases just how much we can get done (and how well we can do it) when we honor process as a strong deliverable in and of itself and go from there.


    Our purpose: DSIL, UNICEF and other committed partners wanted to better understand how sexuality education is working in Thailand. That meant taking the perspective of Thai Youth seriously. After the opportunity to share, we brought youth along to learn the process of innovation so they could use it to channel their experiences into actionable steps and design new solutions. They did that and more!

  • Rethinking Sexuality Education

    Winner 'SuanSage'


    We built tangible solutions from one winning team. From the insight that many teen boys felt embarrassed about buying condoms, they re-designed for them. Making packet directions easier to read in one glance, creating characters to explain more about why condoms matter and even added on an app so youth can have a larger discussion about the relationships in their life.

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    and investigate the impact.

  • What We Do.

    Innovation Capability Building

    We work with organizations ready to learn things well. Our experiential training is all about hands-on learning that ensures teams have the practice necessary to use the mindsets, process, and skills needed to innovate often. Customized training paths use the real challenges present in the workplace today. From Design Thinking to LEAN methods to Liberating Structures © we will find 1 or more innovation process that will drive the goals of the company. Bonus: our facilitators are also coaches so each learner can see where they are getting stuck and why.

    Systems Change Strategy

    Innovation is more than ideas or post-it notes. Ideas must turn into tested solutions and tested solutions still must thoughtfully embed itself into the current system it plans to operate in- as easily as possible. Our team develops systems thinking strategy ensure we keep in mind the realities of the current system, culture, competitors, and resources that are available in companies and communities. Let's not waste more time creating hollow innovation just for the fun of it.

    Human-Centered Design

    for Innovation

    Whether there is a need for groundbreaking or incremental innovation, the DSIL lead designers are also versed, facilitators. We work alongside teams so that capability is built along the way to creating meaningful innovations. Kill two birds.....and next round you won't need another innovation consultant. From 5 days, 6 months, or one-year projects -all lead us to the goals that will strengthen teams long-term with exciting short term results too.

    Human-Centered Design

    for Research

    For organizations ready to deepen their understanding of the complex challenges they face. The innovation process of HCD creates the space to see challenges from many different lenses and from there create solutions that don't have gaps. We build capacity along the way with your teams and others who experience the challenge. HCD uncovers powerful insights which lead to more resilient solutions, money saved, less time wasted.

  • Bring us your challenges and let's

    design a path with you


    Every team, project, idea, and training has unique needs

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