The real risk isn't in experimentation,

    it's in maintaining the status quo.

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    Our company and the ever-growing community it has gardened gives birth to ideas and experiments every day. Discover what forms our roots, what inspires us, and the tensions we are wrestling with right now.

    System change needs all of us.

    Hear the closing plenary keynote from IFC 2018 by our CEO Katy Grennier. In this provocative speech, she explores how we are not only responsible for the systems we live in because we have created them, like it or not, starting with her own story from long ago. Katy suggests that changes will happen when each of us takes radical responsibility and then dives into the hard work of radical collaboration that must happen. She pushes us with some other perspectives on WHY all the helping isn't working.

    Finding that sweet spot which to "Whealth"

    DSIL's Dr. Art Sherwood suggests that the business and the non-profit world are not mutually exclusive. In the theory that Dr. Sherwood posits, there is an intersection between a focus on wealth and a focus on social health.

    DMI Article: Design and Purpose

    DSIL Co-founder, Courtney Lawrence writes about the rise of complex challenges we have never faced before and how we have new tools to not only transform those challenges but be happier along the way. This was the reason for the DSIL Company to be built and still is a part of why we do what we do.


    What we are learning. Tools we are testing. Failures + successes from the field.

    ...“good point!” I said, laughing, picturing my awkward 9th-grade maths teacher trying to illustrate how to put a condom on a banana (oh, the joys of sex ed). We were midway through a Human- centred design process with Thai youth (check it out here) and the awkward, uncomfortable and hilarious...
    Human-Centered Design (HCD) is a creative approach to problem-solving that leads to new innovation. Sometimes innovation is incremental and at other times it creates a huge breakthrough. Human-Centered Design can be used to bring in many different actors to solve challenges and create innovation....
    This child protection system in America is a broken one that very often harms the children it looks to protect, re-traumatizing us with varying levels of abuse that easily happens behind the ever revolving closed doors. In 8 years, I was in over 15 placements, detention centers, runaway shelters...
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    The Modern Facilitators Manifesto

  • Need Inspiration? We got you.

    DSIL have put in 100's of hours to create The DSIL Open-Source Curriculum and Virtual Classrooms that cover topics important to innovation with the best minds around the world.

    Get curious wherever you are and bring the world of buzzwords down to earth.

    Virtual Classrooms

    Live, interactive, 60 minutes online sessions with thought leaders, practitioners, and innovative problem solvers. Our team has been carefully selected to expedite high-level understanding by exploring critical issues, case-studies and emerging learnings that the many faces of innovation.


    You'll find a variety of engaging ways to learn and hands-on challenges to spark thinking and practice skills. The curriculum was designed to be agile and expand your perspective and whilst listening to others. This is a free resource: We invite you to share it with everyone!

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