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Love and hope is what everyone needs.

DSIL is the garden that provides the seeds.

A poem written by: Gavin Cooply

We came into the garden at a time of fear

The threat of Covid was ever presently near

A threat of the knee on the neck that oppressed

A constant fear of living in stress

In this sea of angst, history was made, while the story of our garden was laid

So why in this fear was I choosing to be

In this newly formed garden creating a ‘WE’

My need to find drive as the zero approaches

A need inspired by my son’s frequent reproaches

A moment in time that felt just right - a new direction to bring into sight

Session one and the trust bomb unleashed a new light

Shattering privilege and inherited right

Being in or out of the screen showed the flaw

the imbalance of justice we hold at the core

It made me reflect on why I do what I do, from a fresh perspective totally new

It also enabled me to see

The sense of empathy deeply rooted in me

Realize that the fight is always ongoing

And there is always more that we could be knowing

A learning experience that grows and grows, with wild patterns and the very odd rose

On the garden path, there were so many lessons

Highlighting truths that became real blessings

Truths that build on the knowledge I hold

An Iceberg of understanding starts to unfold

I leave feeling stronger in new roots and foundations - matching my needs and aspirations

And what did I learn from the gardeners I met

Too many in lines of prose to reflect

How do you explain 27 new mates

Each one with a beauty of their own to relate

I knew the faces as each passed me by, the deep wisdom reflected eye after eye

30 pages of notes were required to reflect

On the deep and profound garden effect

The 360s revealed even more yet

Mirrored reflections from the faces I met

At that point, I was finally truly aware, of the impact I have on my practice of care

So, how has this helped me be more clear

On where to now from this garden in fear

It’s rekindled my fire and helped frame my direction

Confronting white peers with supremacy correction

Whilst enabling safe spaces for others to grow, allowing trust to build and to flow.

On the issues, I realize give me great drive

Like refugees seeking shelter who just want to thrive

An earth being consumed too fast for our health

How do we help people to value their wealth

Using wisdom from the elders and their tradition, undoing the harm of my generation

I don’t know my role, just that one will appear

If I cultivate a garden with love and not fear

I will try to make sure I avoid being a bore

Cos, Dogmatism is too often a chore

Lots of stuff has been chucked in the mulcher and I also want to reconnect with my culture

I have not done laughing at life and its fates

Enjoying music and connection with my newfound soul mates

Writing doggerel that I hope sounds like poetry to some

Out of my comfort zone, I have ventured to come

I hope it made sense, like the garden to me, and helped you understand the truths I now see

Love and hope is what everyone needs

DSIL is the garden that provides the seeds