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By: Scott Coates

DSIL was a few years in the coming, but it happened when it was meant to. Laid off in May 2020 as a result of COVID-19, a self-styled Master’s program in People Development was embarked upon. DSIL is part of that journey. After eight months of farming knowledge, the time has come to feast upon what’s grown, take seeds of interest, plant new ones, cultivate, invite others to bring their hoe, and see what blooms anew within a community garden called 'Dandelions'.

My time in DSIL has been filled with mostly new knowledge and practices. So much so that it’s been, at times, one of the most frustrating development journeys I’ve been on. But much like how some seeds take time to sprout, this journey is evolving, will require more watering, weeding, and experimentation with exotic new seeds. But there’s no doubt my garden will rise, on my land, in a  way and time that it’s meant to.

The DSIL experience has provoked an interest in exposing myself to the world more visibly and frequently. Sharing curiosity, showing vulnerability, seeking opinion, spreading ideas, asking questions, and encouraging conversations among the right people at a natural time. I will plant online Dandelions, which bloom, their pappus carrying seeds to other digital gardens, exciting souls, then blossoming again in new ways. Growth becomes exponential over time, with exotic new gardens resulting.