"Knowledge emerges only through

    invention and re-invention”

    - Paulo Freire

  • Our Ideas

    Our community gives birth to ideas everyday. Discover the ideas that form our foundations and inspire us, the things we're thinking about right now and the concepts we are designing for the future.

    System Change needs us.

    The Closing Plenary from IFC 2018 by our CEO Katy Grennier. In this provocative speech she explores how we are not only part of the system, but also why it's all of our jobs to change the system, starting from radical responsibility and then diving into the hard work of radical collaboration. She begins with her a moment of her story.

    Finding that sweet spot which to "Whealth"

    DSIL Creative Consultant, Art Sherwood suggests that the business and the non-profit world are not mutually exclusive. In the theory that Dr Sherwood posits, there is an intersection between a focus on wealth and a focus on social health.

    Design for Global Challenges

    Why we need to re-design our world!

    DSIL Cofounder, Courtney Lawerence writes about the rise of complex challenges we have never faced before and how we have new tools to not only transform those challenges but be happier along the way.

  • The DSIL Blog

    ...“good point!” I said, laughing, picturing my awkward 9th-grade maths teacher trying to illustrate how to put a condom on a banana (oh, the joys of sex ed). We were midway through a Human- centred design process with Thai youth (check it out here) and the awkward, uncomfortable and hilarious...
    It’s odd to be 10 years old and so little in the back of a police car. I remember sinking into the plastic seat breathing heavily, sweating from the struggle to get me in the car in the first place. I remember not caring that the bumps on the road hit my head against the window too hard, because...
    The world is different, so we must start making sense of it differently. In the last few decades, many important ideas have emerged in the way we think about leadership. Two of them seem to be especially relevant for us at DSIL: 1. That our human development lasts well beyond our early 20’s,...
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  • Ideas that inspire us

    We are inspired daily by the ideas coming from within our networks and from our good friends

    leading the space in the innovation process, and catalyzing leadership in everyone.

    A systems approach to wellbeing

    Creating a highly effective wellbeing program in todays uncertain, volatile and ambiguous world needs a good map and compass. A blog post by our friend and thought leader Ash Buchanan.

    This Human by Dr Melis Senova

    What it takes to be a Human that designs

    This Human reaches out to those who are curious, open-minded and are seeking to become masterful in their craft of designing meaningful alternate realities for humanity. This book has inspired many design thinkers like us, by unveiling the mindsets that occur, and need to occur, to ensure this level of impact can be manifested in the world.

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    Dive in with our free, open access resources. Learn more about Design Thinking, Human Centred Design, EQ and conscious leadership through our Virtual Classrooms and DSIL open-source curriculum. Equip yourself with the tools and mindsets necessary to ignite creative confidence and tackle complex puzzles.

    Virtual Classrooms

    A globally accessible interactive learning platform

    Live, interactive, 1hr online sessions with thought leaders, practitioners and innovative problem solvers. Our team have been carefully selected to expedite high-level understanding by exploring critical issues, case-studies and emerging learnings that highlight DSIL curriculum.


    An open-source curriculum built by progressive educators

    You'll find a variety of engaging ways to learn and hands-on challenges to spark thinking and practice skills. The curriculum was designed to be agile and expand your perspective and whilst listening to others. This is a free resource: We invite you to share it with everyone!

    Executive Course

    Innovation Leadership

    The DSIL Innovation Leadership Course will ensure leaders build the future mindsets, skills and network needed to transform complex challenges and drive forward solutions in work and life. Build skills fast by practicing the latest methods for innovation using real-time challenges as the learning lab.

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