• Innovation leadership is the

    path forward.

  • 2019 Innovation Leadership Course

    Globally Certified Executive Education

    Course Field Immersion: August 10- August 17th 2019

    * Full Course Dates (immersion + 10 Virtual Classrooms): August 10th- December 5th 2019


    Rolling applications are open for the 2019 Course - first round closes May 15th, 2019


    The DSIL Executive Education Course in innovation leadership will ensure establish leaders build the future mindsets, skills and network needed to transform complex challenges and drive forward solutions in work and life. Build skills fast by practicing the latest methods for innovation using real-time challenges as the learning lab. The diverse cohort you will meet will push you even further to expand the perspectives in how you see the world and yourself.

  • Course sequence

    The course was designed for leaders with their schedules in mind. We create dynamic environments for rich, manageable, and relevant learning. The 5-month course begins with an 8-day immersion program in South East Asia and continues with quick online Virtual Classrooms to keep learning at your own pace to fit into any busy schedule. The Berkeley accredited coaches and strong relationships built in the immersion help learning be taken home and practiced often.

    DSIL Course offering & costs

    The majority of our DSIL Alumni choose to complete the full DSIL course, but we know people are busy, so have designed our course offering so there is no excuse not to learn!


    What can you make time for? Jump in!

  • Download the DSIL Course Quick Guide

    With everything you need to know about the 2019 DSIL Innovation and leadership course

    including course design, key dates, costs, inclusions, funding opportunities and FAQs.

  • What You'll Learn

    Design thinking & Human-Centered Design mindsets and skills.

    How to lead co-creation with a diverse group of cultures and perspectives.

    How to use storytelling as an effective tool to amplify ideas and ignite your leadership.

    How to master the collaborator mindset and embrace complexity.

    How to increase your emotional intelligence score and understand better who you are.

    How to teach forward what you learn so that you may drive innovation for years to come.

  • 1. Horizontal Development & Human Centred Design

    You'll learn through a well-defined, robust, collaborative problem-solving method with many tools embedded within each phase that drive organizations forward.

  • 2. Vertical Leadership

    During the DSIL Course, you'll learn to think with expanded perspectives and increase your emotional intelligence along the way. It is more important than ever to understand who you are and how you affect others since leadership today lives amidst hyper-diversity, adversity, and increasingly interdependent systems.


    Only 15% of the world will grow to reach the highest level of vertical development.


    Are you one of them?

  • "I learnt much more than innovation processes. I learnt how to become a more resilient leader and to re-connect with my personal goals for this crazy and beautiful planet. "

    Hanna Ruddies

    Global Growth and Acceleration Lead, Impact Hub

  • Our Speakers & Alumni network


    Our DSIL course speakers have represented University of California Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, the Stanford d.school, MIT D-Lab, and THNK School of Creative Leadership to name a few. ​We work with the best minds around the world to bring new ideas to life during your DSIL course.



    With 170+ Alumni from over 60+ countries, the course attracts a global group of high performing leaders from multiple industries. Past alumni include CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders at Shell, Salesforce, UNDP, IBM, Deloitte, and the Asian Development Bank. The age of our alumni networks ranges from 26 to 60 years old and includes people of all educational backgrounds.

  • DSIL Stories

    Explore the experiences of some of DSIL's global alumni from their voices



    As an Entrepreneur and Creative, Chris came to DSIL learn about the practice and of design thinking and Human Centred Design.



    Sawako came to learn about creating innovative grassroot solutions that she could teach forward at her University.



    An Intrapreneur and Problem Solver, Mansi came to learn about authentic communication and leadership.

  • Dive into other learning with DSIL

    As well as the DSIL Innovation & Leadership course, you can dive into learning with our free, open access resources. Learn more about Design Thinking, Human Centred Design, EQ and conscious leadership through our Virtual Classrooms and DSIL open-source curriculum. We want to help equip you with the tools and mindsets necessary to ignite creative confidence and tackle complex puzzles.

    DSIL Virtual Classrooms

    A globally accessible interactive learning platform 

    A series of live, interactive, 1hr online sessions with thought leaders, practitioners and innovative problem solvers from every hemisphere. The speakers have been carefully selected to expedite high-level understanding by exploring critical issues, case-studies and emerging learnings that highlight DSIL curriculum.

    DSIL Curriculum

    An open-source curriculum built by progressive educators to push our boundaries of learning

    You'll find a variety of engaging ways to learn and hands-on challenges to spark thinking and practice skills. The curriculum was designed to be agile and expand your perspective and whilst listening to others. This is a free resource: We invite you to share it with everyone!
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