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Reflection, Digging, and Provocative Thoughts

Written by: Jane Chun

I came to the DSIL Course when the world was upside down because DSIL was speaking my language that most other systems change courses have not (where inner work is integral to systems innovation), and I wanted to take part asap. This was a pivotal moment for me because I felt ready, courageous, and in a position with more agency and decision-making power at work, and now is the time for social transformation. We couldn't waste this crisis!

The  DSIL garden felt safe and scary, which provoked some strong (and important!) inner tiny monsters and allowed me to tend to them, and learn how to integrate them. The garden also modeled radical collaboration and honestly sharing in ways that I have not experienced in other group spaces. Even though I didn’t have the bandwidth to devote as much time as I would have liked to, I participated in some powerful conversations and I know that connections made in this group will continue to grow and deepen for years to come. And this is only the beginning!

With this experience and the help of the DSIL garden, I now feel more clear that I am here to step in when the right initiatives come up, continue to listen, presence with others in the garden, and follow the flow of what feels right in each moment. All while balancing self-care and actively remembering to stay in touch with slowness and depth (rather than quickness and urgency).

I know change takes time, and I am dedicated to showing up authentically, courageously, and boldly for the next 20 years to continue to amplify the inner work of social transformation. I am committed to cultivating deep and loving friendships and partnerships, old and new because it is only through these trust-based relationships that we can do this work and model a different way of living and co-creating together toward outcomes we want. I am also committed to being intentional about where and how I spend my time and energy – it will be messy at times, but I feel called right now to gather with change-makers who are ready, rather than funneling my energy into those who are not. This may change, and one way is not better than the other, but this is how I feel because this time is so precious and I want to look back and know that I contributed as much as possible toward life-giving social change.

I have wanted to write and share my thoughts publicly for a few years now, but the tiny monsters that came up during the DSIL journey had been holding me back (self-doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism…). The DSIL journey, including the storytelling session, 360 feedback, and this reflection exercise has helped to dissolve some of the tiny monsters and I feel I don’t have a choice now but to start writing.